The Art of Martin Kreloff


Portrait of Stephen Sondheim

collection of Stephen Sondheim

Leonardo DiCaprio

available POR

Setsuko Hara

collection of Tim Olsen 

Lucille Ball

available POR

Lou Gehrig

collection of ALS/ New York

The Bad Seed

available POR

Elizabeth Taylor
The Ultimate Child Star
George Clooney

available POR

Bette Davis / Now Voyager

available POR

Marilyn Monroe

available POR

The Scream

collection of Karan & Michael Feder

Lana Turner
Lauren Bacall

collection of the late Lauren Bacall 

Fred Astaire / Follow The Fleet
Cary Grant

collection of the late Cary Grant 

The Joan Crawford Flower
The Duke

collection of Tom Greensmith 

Audrey Hepburn

collection of Marc Levin 

The Maltese Falcon / Mary Astor

Collection of DelBelso/Winkler

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  • I have just learned that my portrait of Sen.David Parks is now hanging in the Nevada State Legislature Bldg. I am delighted and honored.