The Art of Martin Kreloff


The Koi Who Swam Through David Hockney's Pool To The Land Of Matisse

2012  / 36" x 48"  / Acrylic on Canvas

Kabuki In The Snow

collection Roberta & Josh Gordon

Does Anybody Still Wear A Hat?
Pacific Overtures
Sumo Wearing Sushi
Kabuki Cowboy

collection James Mann

Sumos Like It Hot

available POR

The Geishas Go To The Castro

collection Marc Levin

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Geisha in Zebra Kimono
Sumo / Pink

available POR

Sumo / Blue

available POR

Kabuki with Sushi
East Meets Mae West

available POR

Rule of Paw

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  • Thank you ARTNEWS. I am honored to have had my work included in the exhibition ART AFTER STONEWALL 1969-1989. ARTNEWS.COM has published a guide to the 25 most important art exhibitions of the last decade, and ART AFTER STONEWALL 1969-1989 was listed as number ten.